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Hello – welcome to my personal Brain-Mind-Blog – nice to see you here!

No matter for what reason you have landed here:

Take a moment and immerse yourself in the picture, take a walk in it, let it have its effect on you and allow yourself to follow your mental associations, imaginations and suggestions.

Which directions does your fantasy take?

Did you recognize the picture?

For me, this image symbolizes many aspects related to the subject area of my blog:

It could represent a tissue section stained with a special technique, for example through a special area of the cortex cerebri with its various neuronal connections of dendrites and axons.

It could be a work of art, a work of abstract painting, a play with colours, forms and connections.

It could be the visualization of a complex technical system, perhaps software.

It could be different bacterial cultures after a smear on a culture medium.

It could be a mental mind map or a creative "cluster" with multiple connections between different structural elements and ideas, where the thickness of the connection symbolizes the thematic connection strength, and the respective color stands for different logical levels or philosophical categories.

It could be a random product of unintentionally leaking paint buckets.

What else could it be? What else did you think of?

It is:

A "scroll picture" of my younger daughter that she made in primary school at the age of 10 (balls are dipped into different colors and then rolled over a cardboard sheet) - so it's a product off:

- the creative motivation and cognitive abilities of the mind of a young representative of the species Homo sapiens sapiens (ludens), - pedagogical stimulation by older representatives of this kind in the form of "demon-strations" and the - application of a culture technique commonly used in this species.

If you find that in this way far too much meaning is put into a "primitive" children's product: Think about how highly complex such an achievement, which seems so self-evident and trivial to us, actually is, if you look at it analytically from the perspective of a dispassionate scientist.

It can stand for the combination of brain and mind.

I love to look at it: I like the happy fresh colors and it does not only awaken the above-mentioned spontaneous and reflected associations, but also evokes the loving feelings and memories of a father.

Feelings - memories:

Scientific objects of evolutionary biology, psychology, analytical philosophy.

So right into the topic!

More will follow.

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